Contracts & General Advice

Our legal team has decades of experience in drafting, managing, supervising and administrating project contracts.


Whether you’re a developer planning a new project or a successful tenderer negotiating a contract, we can help you understand the risks you’re facing and develop a strategy that will ensure the project gets delivered on time and on budget.

We can help you draft the contract or suite of contracts best suited to your project. We also provide advice on existing contracts to help our clients understand their rights and obligations before the project begins. We can identify potential problems and challenges in advance to prevent them flaring into disputes later. We can train your staff to understand their role and obligations under the contract in relation to issuing notices, preparing and responding to claims for payment and variations, dealing with defective work, and properly dealing with delay and programming issues.


Our in-depth understanding of standard form building contracts and project administration means that we are well-placed to assist our clients as their projects progress. We can:

  • Advise and assist project staff with the preparation of key notices and correspondence
  • Audit contract compliance
  • Act as a ‘contract administrator’ where required
  • Help prepare or respond to progress claims, variation claims, and delay claims


We can assist you in tidying the inevitable loose ends remaining after the job has been completed, whether it be the preparation of a final claim or payment certificate, or securing the certification required to complete the project. We can review the project to identify problem areas and devise solutions to those problems to make sure that they don’t arise on the next job.

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